Wear The Right Nursing Shoes – Tips To Consider

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Nursing is possibly one of the most demanding professions in the world which requires you to put in long hours of work taking care of sick people. Their work schedule can be hectic enough to keep them on their toes all day long. If proper care is not taken to get a comfortable pair of nursing shoes, it can create long-term health issues for a nurse. Finding the right shoes might seem like a task in itself, but with sites like B3 Products listing and reviewing the best products in the category you will find shoe shopping a cakewalk.

There are many factors to be considered while choosing the best nursing shoes. According to the experts at runnersworld.com, here are most valuable tips to keep your hard-working feet happy:

Comfort First
Being a nurse, you will be wearing your shoes for a long time and mostly you will be on your feet. Finding a lightweight, comfortable shoes is essential. Using heavy shoes can slow you down considerably – making you uncomfortable while doing so. If you need a more fashionable pair of shoe at work, at least ensure that you have a comfy spare pair of shoes that you can slip into when you need to be moving around more. In general, for nursing shoes, the thumb rule is ‘function over fashion’.

Shoes That Support
Ensure that your shoes offer excellent support to your tired feet that has been standing for a long time. This will reduce chances of developing back, ankle and leg pain in the future. Many factors like the shape of the shoes, material used, heel height etc. determine the amount of support and stability it provides. Try different combinations of these factors to find the best work-shoe for you.

Slip-Resistant Shoes
During the course of their duty, nurses have to keep moving on dry and wet floor surfaces. It is only prudent that they get a slip-resistant shoe as an insurance against losing their balance and falling on slippery surfaces. Even though separate products like shoe grips are available, it is recommended that nurses choose a shoe that is slip-resistant without using any additional accessories.

Design To Fit Your Feet
There are enough models out there to confuse your already tired head. It might be a good idea to ask your colleagues about their choice of shoe. Also, check with your employer if any particular design is prohibited in the workspace. If you are still unable to figure out, consult a podiatrist to know more about your feet type and select a shoe accordingly. If you have any medical condition, make sure your shoe does not worsen it.

Nature Of Your Work
Let the nature of your job and medical conditions dictate terms when you go out to pick a shoe. Switching shoes as the work changes is also a practical solution. In any case, make sure your feet are comfortable and protected.

Don’t let the discomfort caused by your shoe ruin your health and career.

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