Interesting Facts About Basil Oil

Basil Oil

Belonging to the ist of important essential oils, the popular Basil oil has many qualities that are extraordinary. Botanically called as Ocimum bassilicum from the family of Lamiaceae, this unique herbal plant can grow up to one meter in height. In general, the Basil herb contains a thick stem and produce small flowers with dark green leaves. For the benefit of the readers and other concerned individuals, this post is written exclusive to educate about the benefits of Basin plant and its oil. According to, professional botanists agree that this plant exists in over fifty varieties.

A Holy Herb
Life in the fast paced world causes people to be more prone to high-stress levels and tensions. In order to keep away from these issues, one must take some kind of things offered by Mother Nature. Hence making use of the holy Basil (Tulsi) one is sure to live a healthy life and as per experts, many chronic health related issues are easily removed with the healthy supplement. The effective supplement of Holy Basil Plus is made by the combination of the Tulsi with many essential herbs to enhance the overall activity of the body.

The basil plant has been regarded as a holy plant in India and has been called as Tulsi. The whole plant and its leaf act as an important symbol in the Hindu religion. According to Ayurvedic experts, basil oil has lots of health benefits and is widely used as a tonic to prevent intoxicating effects from the body. The oil acts as an antioxidant in preventing the body from various type so infections. The basil oil contains Vitamins A and C and accordingly prescribed by the medical experts. The extract from the plant is also used widely in order to prevent the body in getting any damages that can occur due to the presence of free radicals.

Medicinal Value
Basil oil is extracted from its leaves through a process known as steam distillation method. Flower tops are also used for extracting the oil. Being an Asian origin Basil plants are well seen in Europe and America. Known as an annual hairy herbal plant, Basil offers flowers in various colours such as pink, while and the colour varies according to the species. According to the medical experts, this Basil oil contains several elements which are anti=bacterial, anti-fungal. Also, the oil is well used to cure colds, asthma, flu and insect bites.

Used For Making Cosmetic Products
Research shows that many cosmetic products are made with the Basil oil, which has the ability to cure many skin problems, especially for women. Basil based products are available in the market in the form of oils, capsules, creams and many others. Some of these supplements are truly stunning as they carry effective medicinal qualities like nerve tonic and improve memory power. Patients suffering from diseases like Dengue, Malaria and Typhoid are advised to use the Basil leaves. The holy Basil can also be given for the people who are suffering from cough and sore throat.

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